wish me luck with edit

some generous fellow is offering me to be his groups guest speaker this afternoon.  payment is step ahead in line of heaven type but the walnut wood good steak and chicken with salad and corn on the cob with homemade mashed potatoes was darn fine.  I actually took the time to prepare for this all school examples like.  Let’s us wish me luck as I hopefully did this opportunity right.

I am billed by name with the subject of Nutrition and various topics.  my keyword progression if fist, freecell,flinging horseshoes, writing horsedoo and grasping what is true.  all of this is to come under the title of “keep Swinging.”  As is I have mercurial tendencies to mention thing when they are not my initial topic  or Imay bounce swiftly between topic, I warn you this isn’t about nutrition and food but memory as in how to remember to be good to one’s self.  I also am introducing myself.  if this works right, I may be moonlighting in another aspect of my line of work.

I figure it’s a fair trade in that if I want to try after a shot at better than what I have I must have a wider array of abilities in which to get paid for…references and experience tend to help.  but first is the introduction.  wish me luck.  I have nice clothes and hairbrushing done coffee in me and as I said, preparation…no, not that preparation H.  I’ll share more later.

later is here and thus this edit – below is an introducing me speech with my notecards to it five keystone words to remember my topics.

I had no issue talking for 30 plus minute on two of them alone my problem isn’t time but brevity.

, freecell
, flinging horseshoes
, writing horsedoo,
grasping what is true?
,yahoo answers, and medtronics diabetes education combine to let us know that the size of our hand is how much we can eat at a meal it’s handy to have such a rule of the fist but this says nothing about what KIND of food were eating 600ml of salad oil is rougly 1600 nope the answer is 5100 calories and 20oz of coke is 240 calories according to it’s label. Our dear old government says we should eat about a 2000 calories a day diet with oodles of information on which foods are better than others.
knowing I take about x time to sfreecell solitaire and minesweeper games is usefull gauging how off my sugars can be because nly have to look down athe time to know uh oh I’m runny high or low on my sugars because I’m either a brain child nd see or feel denser than a freeweight “dumbell” . please understand I atherm legally
I was playing horseshoes at sunset yesterday at su please understand that I am legally blind and using the 14 steps it to walk off I40 feetish be tween the stakes that I saw the color differences and also my visual land marks to aim for. of course Iost! I didn’t get any ringers in th night either. but with 10 percent of the information other can have I scored 7 of my teams 10 points I know
by now you know I’ legally blind and have diabetes and I like to have ways to know how to saow how. or am after it….learning.
ince Quitting my telephone type job with sears over a decade ago I have neve obtained full time employment again. it would seem I’m not going to take it anymore.
and outwardly appear disabled or just not fast so that too might play upon not helping me find work. this sure is depressing sound stuff but I would like to tell you I’m past ninety days newly employed after five straight years I feel a winner at horseshoes ecause I played well even if the win didn’t come my way oh shucks I have learned that for telephone work I amcrabby daddy yet I have activities to run in a resthome. this job already has gotten me toys and travel. I have to say I’ve had a fist full of life and I’m still at it swinging.

here are a handfull of things that may be rather usefull if ya think on them. I have written poetry by choice now since highschool or justy over twenty years. due to this Ive met others who do the same and playing along learned fancy formulas of rhyme for songs to how to cheat at haiku which makes that more fun and what on earth a sestina is whoopee ooo a poem. and lets me tell you of the 250 pages I bothered to print of ones I wnone got me published to fame and fortune. so I meet folk anrote have fun only? lets go back to what a sestina is writing one was when I used it to
poetry can be fun to create a recipe. here is one I D ding oped to win a contest with and? no such luck.
Kiss Rouge Miaz
Sing to me of spuds, browned by coal-red light
Steaming hot vapors, Rising to the sky
Eve’ning Chill beck-ons, Moonbeam’s silvered bright
Scheming up visions, not of what to fry
Just wipe me one clean, seeing glinted gleams
Trust your oven’s roar, heating up for more
More of what but stuff, stuffed with soured cream
Maybe butter or, maybe salt from shore
Cut down its middle, revealing each half
Scoop out and drizzle, dollop and dust thus
Stirring in liquid to smooth out the path
Sailed ings whe crisp boats, this delightful must
Romancing tummy, whi mayh warms many hearts
Those echoing mem-ries tossed in the cart.
(for a prairie home companion’s wonder how dare this not gain me bed of roses contest and I am Kiss)
The hope is you all wanna clap and in stunned awe wonder how that gem failed to make me instantly famous….or maybe see it a for you sees a novel way to remember things when it takes so much longer no to remember or at least it does for me because I’m not 17 anymore. making life interesting and fun is one of the best ways to remember imporntant thing.
another way my life changes is that I can not jaywalk all the time because I cant heabefore we get tor correctly and never could see correctly to be safe so voila you’ll catch t cowasn’t seen has saved me more frustration and injury over the years!.upled with assuming Ihis cat gettin off at the rearnest light to cross at in the cross walk oooo how very upright and goodcitizenly of me. I just rode 31.6 miles from my home to part time quick cash job and back as no one there and learned why I rarely ride a bicycle as there are far too many idiots out there and that coupled with assuming I wasn’t seen has save me epic ammounts of frustration and INJURY.
just before we get to y choice moregood things happen to me than our questions I’d like to want that to be my particular blessing. I would like it to appear I genuinely care in actions not just words thus you have some of my choices listed and their outcomes. One might also see that I have a large array of tools to not instantly appear disabled even if I legally am. this perspecxtive of hey wow I have a medicare card and thus am legally retired in my thirties sure is sounding a lot better than I’m negetively afflicted with challenges in my physical health. but if this hokey hope falls on deaf ears…thank you for lettting hear my own glorious voice for a litt;e while.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

12 replies on “wish me luck with edit”

wow, It’s only 10 days after I expected anything and such… that’s neat I wonder if I’ll see the transaction for it. thank you for reminding me I gave up on as you might have noticed.

I’m glad to read that all went well at your speaking engagement.!For what it’s worth, I’m quite certain that you could be beat me at horseshoes. (Whore’s shoes, as well.)

Are you on the Xanga, then? It seems so erratic from what I’ve been hearing…..

let’s put it like this, I had this wordpress so I could keep up with could keep up with miss Carolyn/adamswomanlost…and 1/4 the subscribers fro Xanga far prettier and amped with audience… see this site outperform my Xanga for traffic. plus as this site is set up so to speak, it’s ess fancy and thus far easier to use. on al fronts Xanga is a newly used diaper even if the baby is cute.
I’mm glad I’m useful not just at one job but my field of employment… yeah bummer vboss icknayed the moonlighting but maybe she’s just concerned my arse needs to remain panted. 😉 I got the hours

I dislike either place’s pop out window replies which leaves more room for oops start all over… but I can manage in either word press arrangement. I also never was charged which is a disappointment…oh wel it is what it is and you’ve a few posts like one on radios/olde tyme tech to view

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