a slip of the odds

I visited this year’s metaphysical fair thus repeating last year’s experiences again.  I can’t post the aura pictures yet as I’ve no scanner to upload them.  I got my psychic reading from a palmist this year.  I am possessed of some essential oils to spice up the kit of said at work.  I was more tempted than ever by bobbles this year.

One annoying thing about visiting clairvoyants is how fast one realizes one’s poker face is a haha joke as they seem to elicit all there is to know from what’s for all the world to see.  I am told I am to continue seeking balance in all things.  My love interest will continue to be a brat as in just as good at getting under my fingernails as it seems I am hers….balance achieved whoopee.  I am to look forward toa lot of doors opened but to be careful of how I “comport” myself as in I am finally building and it seems easy right NOW….it will continue to be.  I must be careful to build a skill called thankfulness in all things…yes sometimes blessing the things not going my way -perhaps to remain just as strong and also still grow.  good short trips are wise as is being careful to build up me.  essentially avoid despondency over things not going quite to plan.

the bobbles of interest are finger puzzles this time a maze etched or pressed into various surfaces to trace with a finger.  this gent offers no website nor does he take creditcards as one “must work to keep prices low” 😉 what bs.  the next bobble was mandalas – this time by kathyrose of Virginia beach va… take those lotuslike designs or fractals and put these to wood with sparklers making glittering magic and you’ve great lsd art in a new refined way.  I came very damn close to getting earing as I like Siberian blue quartz…problem is I do not personally wear earrings and my favorite one who may hasn’t the colourings for this and they were only able to get close on a pendant but I balked again figuring I want a better picture of this one’s eyes to make sure it coordinates at least a little….but since thesurprise is gone lol and she’ll read this to make sure lol I will have to keep on shoppin.’  the beading fellow had some stellar bead masks  too.  the next interesting thing was concrete art from the faces of the gods.

beer on the way home was the dutchess of Bourgogne – a Belgium beer named after the tragic loss of a young lady to a horseriding accident in 1457… I swear the taste is like that of sucking down a wishing well after it’s marinated those co  baba ins for a lonnnnnnnnng time. and has a cidery noseyet no true cider taste…pfew!  baba black lager from salt lake city Utah in a can just was a great maybe thired best black beer and at 10 for six was cheaper than that belch ’em (Belgium) stuff.  oi.

well the dessert vision oil smells like falling face first off the porch in Arizona after too much wine and thus its past time to get ready for w.o.r.k.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

13 replies on “a slip of the odds”

I have been finding new stories :D. I have some goin 😀 this is one and the drawer of bottle caps of all the beer grows. the wine should transfer and do the final “rackin”. I’ve made it 90 days employed with a good shot at another day tomorrow 😀 just to name a few….with a moonlighting gig brewing up to widen my experience set with people with some profound challenges… you know bad I dea to go into the hope for more with the line I call just a mean game of trivia bingo 😉

It sounds like fun. I wish you had something like that around here. I’m a skeptical believer of many things but I believe there are many con-artist out there mixed with a few that have some kind of gift (maybe I shouldn’t admit all that). It’s very sweet you want to match her eyes with the earrings but you know women wear earrings of many colors. If you really liked them perhaps that would have been good enough. peace always

This post is very interesting both for content and because your writing is so easy for me to follow, not the lengthy underpunctuated stream of consciousness you frequently post. You sound good.

I’m extremely skeptical of clairvoyants etc. “Seek balance” is probably what that person tells all clients. I mean, what else are they going to say? “Go overboard with your ___ interest”?

Not sure what you mean by bobbles. Baubles, maybe?

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