Like A Record, Baby

Yesterday I had this vision of my next shot at being impressive for the folks at the kitchen where i work.  I am thinking of stuffed peppers in a different way.  I am thinking a combination of both taboulleh stuffeds and chicken shawarma stuffed mini peppers in a casserole. this can if not artfully be arranged can at least be colorfully arraged.  I have yet to make this as I a: need to go shopping and b: I generally like to find a recipe when trying to duplicate something with a name.

     Iam stunned, firstly its not that easy fo far to find a recipe for chicken shawarma… and i mean that outside foodnetwork blah blah blah.  but I did investigate the ubiquitos trivia i’m about to learn of if I break down and visit wikipedia.  shawarma and gyros – obviously two different dishes are still of a similar style and also meaning of their names but as I say the recipe is different….shawarma and gyros mean “to turn”   Does anyone feal an oldies reference coming on?

The Byrds – Turn turn turn?

well back to the idea as I have mine and others theirs.  I can duplicate the machinery unless I wish to be foolish with my means… so my general methodology of the gyro is to make a good meat loaf and with a plate and foil shave the meat and keep it warm in the oven as I prep out the rest of my ingredients thus allowing that crust to deepen somewhat before it’s a sandwich.

I have seen where most skip making what is quintessientially a meatloaf by just thinly slicing grilled meats that are spiced.  I’m sorry but I cant imagine calling something that doesn’t at least try to pay homage to both recipe and while modifying techniques still makes adish credibally close.

but this said now to continue my quest for a shawarma recipe then a tabloulleh one which I got a weird idea  from a friend who said they make theres in belgium/france with couscous???  weird but bulgar wheat and durham wheat? wheat and wheat? similar! 😀  so i keep this all in mind so in essene I can get yellow and orange mini pepper or perhaps red jalepenos if inexpensive enough and then for the center some cherry type peppers   to make a flower center. this means all that is required is to tongs out dinner serve with either a dinner salad orsome appetizer and if I’m on it, that might actually be zucchini fritters or fries.

does this spin YOU right round baby right round like a record baby?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “Like A Record, Baby”

Yes, baby, it does spin me right round right round and back again!!! 😀
I loves the green, red, yellow, or orange peppers stuffed, fried, grilled, sauted, raw, in-stuff, outa’-stuff…you get the picture!
You should put a WARNING on your food posts…every time I read one, I get so so SO hungry!!! I’d eat your peppers, your zucchini, your meat loaf, your gyro…any day of the week!!!
(Oh…if that last comment sounded naughty, it wasn’t meant to be!)
Speecy Spicy HUGS!!! 😀
Now I’m off to listen to The Byrds!!! 🙂

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