and you’ll be focusing on the?

so I arrive home after 3 hours of first a double time staff meeting and bingo.  i expected a half hour.  should have clocked in but there would go my award for no missed punches which seems stupid if one gauges the cash differences at play to the message below that I was getting my refund on a train fare something i spent far more time complaining about which was the least valuable of all the things in question.

not a win.

but what is a win is the first book i saw this morning was a book on workplace politics- simply scanning this tome of knowledge allowed me a 7 year successfully still alive diabetic who as a bachelor has to feed myself and manage all this health stuff – to listen to a registered dietician talk vaguely about what’s the new approved paradigm of diabetes care…no examples or even ranges but that one is allowed to have more than a protein only snack ….  interestingly enough i said?  nothing.  why  this is a win is simple – I a m not schooled and papered in medicine so this while the dumbest thing seemingly in the world and irritatingly dismissive is to never talk. one MINOR win in a medical sphere job today 😀 😉  even minor league player make a living 😉

+13032996000 Speaker Add – Denver, CO
6/20/13 6:29 PM 2 hours ago 
This message is for Joshua. My name is Aaron, I’m calling from R T D this regards to complain thought about your temp topurchase a ticket at the L station and the screen at timed out and didn’t print your tickets. I did get a response from the division, they were able to confirm that particular machine was having some problems with the printer. So they are sending out a free ride coupon. You should be receiving that shortly. It was sent out today. So, We do apologize for the inconvenience. So. If you any questions, please call us back. At (303) 299-6000 and reference feedback ID Number xxxxxx Thanks.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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